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Lecture on wind energy

On Thursday, the Wind Farm Lički Medvjed organized an educational lecture on wind energy at the Elementary School Zrinskih and Frankopana Otočac. About 50 seventh-graders listened with interest why the wind blows, how people have tried to harness it throughout history, and how its power turns into electricity.

Interesting questions

At the end of the lecture, the children had a whole series of questions about wind turbines - how big are they, who made the first wind turbine, what materials were they made of …

Educational kits
On this occasion, we also have gave them educational kits, so that they could make a model of a wind turbine and see how kinetic energy is converted into electricity.
Many thanks to the school principal Jasminka Devčić, and the professor of physics, Ladislav Marković, with whose cooperation we organized this lecture.

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