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Nature-inclusive wind farm conference held in Zagreb

How to increase the share of renewable energy while protecting the environment and nature was the topic of the conference 'Nature Inclusive Windfarm Development' organized by the Green Trust, Enercon, and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce held in Zagreb on November 5th. About 140 participants listened to lectures of Hein Prinsen from Bureau Waardenburg, Augustin Riopérez from DTBird & DTBat, Francisco Álvares, a researcher from the University of Porto, Mia Bergström and Jörg Rathmann from Enercon and Tijmen Keesmaat, director of the Wind Farm Lički Medvjed and their experiences in developing wind farms in harmony with the environment and nature.

Coopereation of all stakeholders
On the example of the Krammer wind farm built in the Netherlands within Natura 2000, Tijmen Keesmaat showed that thanks to new technologies, advanced mitigation measures, and cooperation with all stakeholders in the construction of wind farms, it is possible to achieve that harmony.

Panel discussion
After the lectures, an interesting panel discussion was held on how to improve the procedures for the construction of wind farms, while preserving nature.
All key stakeholders, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, investors, environmental experts, and representatives of NGOs, took part in the panel discussion. They concluded that only through joint work and cooperation it is possible to satisfy both components, on the one hand, the protection of the environment and nature, and on the other, the development of renewable energy projects.
At the end of the conference, conference participants signed the Manifest and pledged to do everything in their power to develop and build wind farms following nature and environmental protection.

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