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The Energy Nature Trail in Dabar is open

Tijmen Keesmaat, director of VELM and Goran Bukovac, Mayor of Otocac,opened the Energy Nature Trail in Dabar. Along the trail leading to the met mast, five educational panels tell a story about wind energy in a simple and fun way.

Q&A about wind and electricity

 How the wind is created, how have people throughout history tried to harness its power and how the wind blowing is converting into electricity in wind turbines are just some of the questions on which you can find answers if you go on a walk along the Energy Nature Trail.

Take a quiz
So take off your walking shoes, enjoy the natural environment, breathe in the fresh air and learn more about wind energy! On the last panel there is a QR code that you can scan with your phone for more information and a quiz. Let's get hiking!

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