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Schoolchildren from Otočac in action on World Clean-up Day

Children from the Elementary school Zrinski and Frankopan Otočac rolled up their sleeves and contributed to a more beautiful and cleaner environment at the World Clean-up day.

Seventeen pupils from 8b with the professor Dario Košćak cleaned the promenade along the river Gacka. Matej Šepac even stepped into the river to take out a plastic bottle. Children from 6b cleaned garbage along the old bank of the river Gacka while Ana Marija Prpić, David Šporčić, and Borna Oršanić from 4c also joined the action and picked up trash in the city park. To make Otočac clean, Emanuel Košćak from 3b also contributed with his effort.

Prizes coming soon

We thank all children who responded to this praise-worthy action! Soon we will reward them for their efforts!


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