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Preparation works on the installation of the second met mast in full swing

Preparation works on the installation of the second met mast are in full swing, and their completion is expected in two months. The second met mast will be placed on top of the highest point of the area. Since the location of the wind farm is mountainous landscape, it is necessary to collect data at different levels through met masts.

Various wind parameters

The met mast is equipped with sensors that measure various parameters, such as wind speed and direction, temperature, air pressure and turbulence intensity. These data are collected over a longer period of time and later analyzed in order to predict the potential production of electricity of the wind farm. Furthermore, the collected data is also used to determine which type of turbine is most suitable for the location.

The third met mast

The first met mast was installed in the spring of 2019.To get an adequate picture of the wind resource across the site it is desirable to collect as much wind data as possible at different positions. Therefore, we plan to install a third met mast soon. The documentation required to obtain a permit for its installation is currently being prepared.

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