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Wind farm project presented on Croatian Radio Otočac

Goran Trška, project manager of the Windfarm Lički Medvjed was a guest on Croatian Radio Otočac in April.

During the interview he presented plans for the construction of the largest wind farm in Croatia. In addition to information on the initiators of the project and the location of the wind farm, Trška spoke about the necessary preliminary works that are required to be completed before construction of the windfarm can begin.

Environmental Impact Assesment

He pointed out that an Environmental Impact Assesment study is currently being conducted. During the prepartion of the EIA, habitats and migrations of wild animals and birds are identified in order to be able to determine the most optimal locations for wind turbines and accordingly, minimize their impact on wildlife.

Positive impulse

Goran Trška emphasize that the wind farm will bring a positive impulse to Otočac and also mentioned numerous economic benefits of this project - from the creation of new jobs to direct stimulation of local sustainable projects and initiatives.

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