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Trees replanted by Lički Medvjed

A lot of trees in the area of the VE Lički Medvjed (south Lika region) were demolished in a fire not long ago. Because VE Lički Medvjed cares a lot about nature and the region, we donated 425 baby trees to replant the area. The trees were planted today and hopefully they grow up to be big trees soon!

The trees are planted by Goran Trška and Mr. Mario Stilinovic (regional director of Croatian Forest) together with other Croatian Forest employers.

About Lički Medvjed
VE Lički Medvjed sets the standard for developing wind farms in a social and nature inclusive way. For a cleaner future for you and your children. Not only by creating green energy through the windfarm, but also by enforcing nature and wildlife. Replanting burned trees is one way we try to enfore nature.

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