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Celebrate one year of wind measurement

Wind measurement facts
Today it has been exactly one year since the wind met mast was put into use.  What started with the construction of an access road in the mountains of Otocac begin last year, now becomes more and more concrete with wind measurement facts. The met mast is 105 meters high and it’s equipped with sensors to measure several wind parameters. For example wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, temperature and air pressure.

Some interesting facts from the past year:
- The overall wind direction was South East;
- The highest 10-minutes average windspeed measured was 18,4 meters per second on 105 meters height;
- The lowest temperature measured was -8,5° and the highest temperature measured was 25°. Both on 100 meters height.

Data from this wind met mast will be collected to predict the production of the windfarm and to determine which type of wind turbine is best suited for this location. This wind met mast will probably be up there for two more years. So more celebrations coming up!

Second met mast update
Preparations are currently being made for the second met mast. This met mast will be placed on top of the highest points in the area. The location is a mountainous landscape and we need to collect data on different levels. We expect the second met mast will be fully erected in spring (instead of April) and will probably be up there for two years.

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