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Second met mast likely to be realized in April

You might have spotted a small red tower in the mountains: a wind met mast. Soon a second one will be up there too. Why are these masts actually there and how do they work?

Current met mast
The current met mast is 105 meters high. It's equipped with sensors to measure several wind parameters. For example wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, temperature and air pressure. We need this data to predict the production of the windfarm. Next to that, we use this information to determine which type of windturbine is best suited for this location. For a accurate prediction, we need to collect data for at least one year, but more is always better. This met mast will probably be up there for three years. 

Second met mast ready in April
The second met mast will be placed on top of the highest points in the area. The location is a mountainous landscape and we need to collect data on different levels. This met mast will probably be up there for two years.

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