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What happens if you combine wind, forest and wildlife? In the mountains of Otočac these elements together create a sustainable region and a clean future by realizing the largest wind farm in Croatia. VE Lički Medvjed sets the standard for developing wind farms in a social and nature inclusive way. For a cleaner future for you and your children.

About the project

Lički Medvjed is an initiative of wind energy specialist Green Trust which has extensive experience in the development of nature inclusive wind farms. By realizing this wind farm, in the mountains of Otočac, we want to create a sustainable region: by producing green energy, but also by reinforcing nature and wildlife. A unique wind farm in a unique mountainous landscape. Wind, nature and wildlife combined provide a cleaner future for you and for your children.

You can participate in this project in several ways. Please read our Participation plan. We believe that the region should profit from the benefits from this project and we want to hear your ideas about the ways this can be done. Please send us a message if you have any ideas!

Read more about Conference "Energy path to a sustainable future"

Will you join us?

We like to cooperate with you in developing this unique wind fam. Lički Medvjed, for a cleaner future for the region!


Sustainable energy

As legacy for our kids and grandkids, we want to leave them a cleaner world then we live in now. Producing sustainable energy locally helps us to create this better world. 

Participation among locals

We want to achieve process participation among the local community and stakeholders, by informing them as good as possible. Next to that we would like the local community to benefit from VE Lički Medvjed in an economic or social way. How? Please read our Participation plan.

Green Trust

Green Trust is an international consultancy firm in sustainable energy with roots in The Netherlands and active in Croatia since 2017. We support the transition of conventional energy to renewable energy through the development of solar, wind and storage projects in a nature and socially inclusive manner in the Netherlands and abroad. ‘Changing energy’ is our motto.

More information

If you would like to have more information, please send us a message: info@velickimedvjed.eu


The initiator of VE Lički Medvjed has developed Windpark Krammer, the largest citizen's initative in the Netherlands. This windfarm of 34 wind turbines was initiated by two cooperatives. A lot of ecological and technological challenges were faced. Below you can find two videos about that windfarm that represent the vision of the initiators about social and nature inclusive windfarm development and are an example for VE Lički Medvjed.

After movie opening Windpark Krammer

Ecology at Windpark Krammer